Jeffrey Lent

Jeffrey Lent

Best-Selling Author
In The Fall, Slant of Light, Lost Nation

“A few years ago Michael Tabb adapted my novel, In The Fall, to a screenplay. Before undertaking the job, he traveled to Vermont to meet me, and also to gain a sense of the area. We spent a memorable few days in Vermont and northern New Hampshire, and Michael then went on to create a screenplay that was not only true to the novel but deeply sensitive to cinematic expression. Michael is curious, gregarious, insightful, and brings a mastery of his art and craft to the projects he takes on. I can't recommend him more highly.”

Michael Tabb Lisa Gooding

Lisa Gooding

Vice President, Production & Development,
Universal Studios VP, Development, Capital Arts Entertainment

“I’ve had the pleasure of hiring and working closely with Michael on multiple feature-length screenplays at Universal Studios. Every time, it’s been a no-hassle, constructive, collaborative, and satisfying teamwork experience. It’s hard to find fantastic genre writers like Michael, whom are equally adept at crafting great characters, dialogue, action, script pacing, and the often-underappreciated skill of writing subtextual meaning into his thoroughly well thought-through material. He’s one of my go-to scribes for figuring out how to crack the nut for an exciting new take on preexisting intellectual properties including remakes. If you’re smart, you’ll hire Michael Tabb to write for you before I do it again.”

"Michael is not only a gifted writer who I've enjoyed working with, but also a thoughtful and open-minded collaborator on material.  This makes him a double threat in the world of writing, where we want people who have a strong point of view, but also know when something isn't working and is willing to put in the work.  For that, there is no reason to look further."  

 Michael Milberg
VP, De Line Pictures
VP, Roth/Arnold Productions
VP, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
VP, The Jinks/Cohen Company
Creative Executive, Dreamworks
Creative Executive, Red Wagon Entertainment

“I am thrilled to be in business with one of the most intelligent young voices I’ve read in years."

Mark Canton
Warner Brothers, EVP of Worldwide Production
Sony's Columbia Pictures, Chairman
TriStar Pictures, Chairman
Producer, The Canton Company
Producer, Atmosphere Entertainment

“Michael Tabb’s unique approach to storytelling makes him an amazing collaborator. In our long professional relationship, which started at Disney feature Animation, I can always depend on him to bring his original voice to any project we work on. He is one of the best brainstormers in the business. When I give him even a vague idea of the kind of story I am looking for and within a few days a bunch of pitches are ready to go.”

Lindsey Hughes
Associate Producer/Development Executive, TV, Spin Master Ltd.
Development Executive, Film, Vanguard Films & Animation
Development Producer, DisneyToon Studios
Director of Development, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Director of Development, The Polone Company

Dan Rosenfelt

Dan Rosenfelt

President, Third Rail Studios
Producer, Bright Whale Entertainment
VP Production & Development, Paradox Entertainment
Executive, Smokehouse Pictures
Director of Development, Weed Road Pictures

"I hired Michael Tabb to write a feature film adaptation of Robert E. Howard's novela "Vultures" when I was at Paradox Entertainment. Michael wrote a fantastic script for us. He showed great ability in distilling information from multiple producers, delivering exactly what they asked him for, and provided unique ideas that took the project to an entirely new level. Michael is a pleasure to work with and is the ultimate collaborator. I admire his passion for screenwriting and think he brings the goods on every project. I'd recommend him anytime."

"Michael is terrific to work with and is a great guy both personally and professionally. He's extremely talented and is also a total pro who always thinks about what's best for the project." 

Katherine Brown Ryan
VP Development, Tollin Productions
VP Development, Intrepid Pictures
VP Production, Karz Entertainment

“Tabb is one of the most underrated writers in Hollywood with years of experience. When Tabb writes a script, I want to read it.” 

Navid McIlhargey
CEO, Vandal Entertainment
President, FilmEngine Entertainment
Sr. VP of Development, New Regency
Sr. VP, Silver Pictures
VP, Revolution Studios

"Mike Tabb is an extraordinarily talented writer.  He breathes humor, emotion, and genuine depth into everything he touches - and makes it look easy!"

David E. Brenner
CEO, ScaleLab
CEO, Principal Media
Executive, LionsGate Entertainment

Prewriting your screenplay


Micheal Tabb is an award-winning author and screenwriter who has written the book, 'Prewriting Your Screenplay: A Step-by-Step Guide for Generating Stories'. This book is an invaluable resource for aspiring screenwriters, as it provides a comprehensive guide to the pre-writing process and offers helpful tips and techniques to kickstart the creative process. With the help of Micheal's book, you can easily get started on the path to success in the world of screenwriting.



“Michael Tabb is a powerhouse. He’s one of those writers that I envy – he is ALWAYS writing. Ever since I’ve known him he has constantly pumped out quality work at a steady pace. He’s a machine!”

John Lehr
WGA Writer/Creator
10 Items or Less, Quick Draw

“Michael is an imaginative writer channeling rich character voices that speak to the complexity of the human condition. He takes you on a ride through familiar worlds that have been reinvented and read fresh.”

Thomas Pettinelli
Director of Development, Branded Pictures Entertainment 
Reader, Orange Entertainment
Development Associate, Syfy Films
Development Assistant, NBC/Universal

"Michael wrote a riveting screenplay adapted from a lengthy and complex novel. He met all his deadlines, was very professional, and even took time to travel to the location where the novel was set in order to maximize his understanding of the characters. He is a stellar writer; I would highly recommend him."

K.L. Stanton
Sojourn Films Productions Inc.

Leif Lillehaugen

Leif Lillehaugen

VP of Television, Endgame Entertainment
Director of Development - Scripted, Revelations Entertainment
Development Associate, Humble Journey Films

“Michael is a fanboy in the truest sense of the word. Not just a comic book nerd, but someone who immerses himself in whatever world he is going to write about and wills it to life on the page. His character work populates that world with living, breathing inhabitants that you want to meet, befriend, fight or love. But Michael is also keenly aware of the business in "show business" and finds creative and seamless tactics in his writing to make a producer's job easier.”

Andrew Cosby

Founder, BOOM! Studios
Co-Creator/Executive Producer, Eureka
Writer, Hellboy

"Michael Tabb is a truly gifted writer who possesses the rare talent of giving his readers exactly what they want while still surprising them with moments that are both inspired and unexpected. It's always a thrill to have a Tabb project land on my desk. One of these days, I'll have to eat his brain and steal his knowledge."


"Michael is an accomplished writer whose scripts wrap your attention and imagination in the unique worlds he creates. His characters pulse with life on each page, they're crafted with grounded realism and add clear and concise contributions to the stories' progression. Talents aside, Michael is a pleasure to engage and collaborate with creatively, professionally, and socially."

Nicholas Anglewicz
Vice President, Finance and Business Development at CBS Film
AVP, Business Development at Endgame Entertainment

“Michael is an accomplished WGA screenwriter, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing professionally for 16 years. His richly-crafted, thrilling screenplays have always been a delight to read, and I am so excited that he is now able to share his immense talent (and industry insight) with an even wider audience with the launching of his new website/book.”

Mandy Safavi
President of Production, Melissa Rosenberg's Tall Girls Prods.
Executive Vice President/Executive Producer, K/O Paper Products (Kurtzman/Orci)
Senior VP Development & Production/Executive Producer, Out Of The Blue Entertainment
VP Development, Lynda Obst Productions

“99% of screenwriters in Los Angeles never know the level of success Michael Tabb has achieved… Michael is one of a select few that I trust to weed out weak material and advise me on the scripts we are sent. His coverage on these scripts are professional, detailed where needed, well thought-out, and stem from knowledge of the mechanics of screenwriting and a sense of what kind of films the marketplace desires. If Michael says "PASS" on a script, I don't need to look at it.  I trust his opinion that much.” 

Steven P. Wegner
Executive Vice President, Development
Alcon Entertainment


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“Michael is a talented writer and consummate professional with deep industry relationships.”

Kat Blasband Page
Vice President, Development & Production, Tapestry Films
Management & Production Assistant, Thruline Entertainment

“I’ve known Michael for many years.  Great guy.  Great writer.”   

Todd Lieberman
Partner, Mandeville Films and Television
SVP, Hyde Park Entertainment
Summit Entertainment

“Michael has a firm grasp of the fundamentals, bringing humor and thoughtfulness to his stories and characters.  That he has a bead on popular culture and what the audience wants makes him a rare commodity.  Add that he’s a wonderful collaborator, and you’ve got the trifecta!”  

Thia Montroy
Production Executive, Gil Netter (Academy-Award winning producer)
Production Executive, Scott Rudin (Academy-Award winning producer)

David Brown

David Brown

Literary Manager
Echo Lake Entertainment

“Michael Tabb has excellent social/communicative skills, has real world experience and success in screenwriting, and he knows his craft. Michael is personable, respected, and has worked in this industry for over a decade, which is saying a lot more than you might think. He is a solid writer, which sounds like a soft compliment, but the truth is that 99% of the people writing screenplays in this town fall far short of that mark. Michael knows what he writes for his bread and butter (action/adventure scripts) and, at the same time, is capable of breaking that mold to get hired outside his usual genre, having recently written two classic thriller remakes for Universal Studios. He’s a critical thinker about story; he used to be a screenplay analyst for a company at Warner Brothers for years. One conversation about craft with Michael, and you’ll get it. He never gets writers block, works on multiple projects at once, and actually beat two-time Academy Award and Pulitzer Prize winning scribe Horton Foote out of a dramatic genre screenwriting job. I think that says it all.”

Lisa Gooding

Daniel Schnider

Cinestar Productions
Crucial Films
Blowtorch Studios
Sandbox Entertainment at Newline Cinema

“Notwithstanding the fact that Michael Tabb is like everyone’s favorite man-about-town in Hollywood, the guy can write the heck out of script.  I have known and worked with him for years because Tabb is a guy who can create worlds.  Sure, he gets character, writes compelling stories and explodes with passion, but his true gift as a screenwriter is to bring you fully into whichever sub-culture and universe he chooses to create.”

"Michael Tabb is a great writer and a friend for many years. I've read his work in all genres including, small character dramas and high-octane action films. There is the highest standard of writing in all of them.  He is a great collaborator and has many great ideas in a business built upon such. Though there are no guarantees in Hollywood, I guarantee you will enjoy working with this professional and talented writer."

Frank T. DeMartini
Producer, New Millennium Films

"I've merited to collaborate with Michael Tabb on several projects in the past. He's a very talented writer, and re-writer (he doesn't take feedback personally), who also happens to be an all-around sweet and great guy. He works very hard to problem-solve and suggest multiple creative possibilities to move any project forward."

Daniel Irom
Producer/Co-Creator, The Empire State

"He's a talented and hard working screenwriter, with an often unique perspective on how to entertain. He's also a joy to work with and a great human being. I know that when a Michael Tabb script hits my inbox I'm not going to be disappointed."

Erik Olsen
Producer, Apocalyptic Entertainment
Executive VP, Middle Man Productions
Producer, LBI Entertainment
Sr. VP, Silver Pictures/Dark Castle Entertainment

Naia Cucukov

Naia Cucukov

Senior VP of Development and Production, AFG / Walden Media / Bristol Bay
Director of Creative Development, Virgin Produced
Creative Executive, Bold Films
Production Coordinator, Legendary Pictures

“Michael is not only an uber talented screenwriter with a strong grasp on translating known IP, but he’s also the king of Fantasy Football, and an all-around good guy!”